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RUS: Getting to know: Idner Faustino Lima Martins

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One day before the first match of the Playoffs 6 against Russia’s giant Zenit KAZAN, Idner Faustino Lima Martins, who is normally called just Idi, is neither nervous nor stressed. The 33-year old spiker of VfB FRIEDRICHSHAFEN can barely wait for the most important match of the 2012 CEV Volleyball Champions League coming up on Wednesday and for the birth of his second baby that is expected for this coming Friday.

Idner Faustino Lima Martins

Idner Faustino Lima Martins

Are you able to really focus on the Champions League this week?
Sure. Tomorrow we will have the most important evening of this campaign. We need to focus on this match and have to be ready.

But on Friday you will become a father for the second time in your life.
That happens after the match. And to be serious:  you have to separate the situations. Of course I cannot forget my family and the birth of my baby in just three days. But first is our match against Zenit KAZAN for which I have to be 100% focused. After this has gone – and I hope with a victory – I go home and will be ready for the baby.

Is it difficult to travel to Russia for the Champions League and leave your pregnant wife at home?
That is the same during every trip. Every day I think that something could happen and I am not at home. But everybody in the club, the coaches and the players as well, support me. The most important is that I am with my family on the day of the birth. If I could not be there, I would get crazy. I do not know, what would go on in my mind.

What do you expect in the Playoffs 6 against Zenit KAZAN?
I know that it will be a very difficult clash. Not only because we play against a team which is very strong. We miss Oliver Venno here in Kazan and do not know if our second opposite Zoran Jovanovic will be able to play. That is not comfortable. We do not know what happens with our Volleyball without Oli and against a good opponent.

During the 2012 CEV Volleyball Champions League no team could win even one set in Kazan.
So we could be the first. If we take one set, KAZAN will start to shake. I believe that we can do something great. We can win one set or maybe the whole match.

The result of the first match does not really matter. The decision about which team eventually qualifies for the Final Four will follow in Friedrichshafen next Tuesday. What is possible with the fans behind your team?

I am looking forward to a full ZF Arena like some years ago against Sisley TREVISO or Dinamo MOSCOW. The spectators help a lot. And we will need their support for the second match. Regardless of the result here in Russia, we need to win at home. And this is only possible together with our great fans.

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