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WoV NEW YEAR’S INTERVIEWS: Marko Podraščanin – “Time for marriage”

by WoV

He is a volleyball beast, good spiker and for sure one of the best blocker in Europe and World. He is Marko Podraščanin, a Serbian player, and one of the most important puzzle pieces of the Italian Lube Macerata.


Marko in Lube

For Marko 2013th was very good and he is not complaining, but in 2014th he expects a lot.

Traditionally, at the end of the year Lube organizes a party with the fans. How was the Christmas dinner?

“We had a great time, our fans always make an effort to create fantastic atmosphere with a lot of songs, socializing, dancing, and various gifts.”

Do you like to sing karaoke?

“I have not sung karaoke so long and it took me a bit to get into it. We were not so great and the team of coach and director has easyly defeated us.”

Your favorite song which you order in some disco, restaurant?

“In the bar I order everything I can think of in that moment, but I do not have a favorite song.”

When will you get married?

If everything is ok we’ll probably organize a wedding in 2014. But first we must see the program of the national team” (smile)

You were in the Maldives, New York, what will be your next exotic destination?

I’d love to go to Mexico because I still have not been there; I’ve heard they have great sea and a lot of fun.”


Goldn boys

Where are you going for the holidays?

For the New Year’s Eve  I will probably go out in Belgrade with my teammates but for Christmas I will be in Italy because we are playing on 8th in Piacenza.”

Your message for the WoV friends and members?

To WoV members I wish all the best in 2014. and to be more successful than in 2013.”

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