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POL M: Piotr Lukasik misses volleyball

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Piotr Lukasik was severely injured at the start of his senior career. He speaks of his rehabilitation and when he plans to return to the field.


Piotr Lukasik


– In the last season, you suffered a serious injury during a match against AZS Politechnika Warszawska, how is your rehabilitation?

At this stage of rehabilitation is primarily on strengthening the quadriceps muscle, which, unfortunately, with these types of injuries is about to disappear. Now I have a lot of free time, so I take care of it, I try to keep my body in the best available shape. I exercise at the gym, about to start running, because it’s been a while since the surgery and I have to work on my legs.

– After the injury, you had a knee surgery, from which has already passed three months. Can  you tell when will you get back to training and games?

That is a question that I get all the time. If I talk about the full recovery of both the physical and technical, I think that the real deadline is November.

– In recent days, you showed up at the team training conducted under the guidance of the new coach of AZS Olsztyn, Radoslaw Panas. Unfortunately, you could not actively participate in it. I do not think you could easily sit and watch other players?

– Since it’s been 5 months from the injury on Saturday, it is normal that I miss volleyball. I’ve seen guys work, how they enjoy this game. I must admit that I’m a little jealous.

– You are a young player who at the start of his career suffered a serious injury. You had no idea that it might end, that you may need to look for something else to do? What helped you to survive this difficult time the most?

– Periods immediately after surgery were very difficult. I had negative thoughts, like that it was the end of volleyball. But it did not last long. All the time I was with family, friends. I got a lot of warm words and encouragement then, and I still have a very positive atmosphere at the resort, where I am rehabilitated. To all the persons who are were with me, I am very grateful.

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