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Tijana Boskovic for WoV: “I hope that I will play volleyball for a long time and that I will have a lot of success”

by WoV

One of the best women’s volleyball players in the world, Tijana Boskovic, as a 20-year old player has won a lot of trophies so far and it's just the beginning. She still has a lot to show to the world.

Tijana Boskovic


In 2017 with the Serbian National team, Tijana won the gold medal at the European Championship in Azerbaijan and Georgia and was named the MVP of the tournament.

For WorldofVolley, the left-handed opposite spoke about the big success at EuroVolley, her club Eczacibasi etc.

Now, when the impressions have been settled, what’s the feeling of being European champion, and at the same time the MVP?

The feeling is incredible. As time passes, I am more aware and happier about the success we have made. To be named for the MVP is certainly a great thing for me and something that motivates me more to be a better player and get a lot more good results“ explains Tijana, who had an amazing welcome in Belgrade, when more than 10,000 people came together to welcome Serbia women’s national team and to celebrate the gold medal.

Being present on the famous balcony of the Old Palace in Belgrade was a fantastic, wonderful gesture of our people, who were a great support to us. Definitely, that was an event that I will never forget.

After a silver medal at Olympic Games in Rio, gold and silver at European Championship, bronze at Grand Prix etc. What can we expect next from Tijana Boskovic?

I hope that you can expect a lot more from me. I am at the beginning of my career and many games, competitions, and challenges are ahead of me. Of course, there’s always space for improvement so I’ll try to be even better and to win few more gold medals.

What is your next goal?

“I hope that I will play volleyball for a long time and that I will have a lot of success.

This will be your third season in Eczacibasi, is there a chance that your team will lift a trophy this year, since you have a strong team?

This year we will compete in the Turkish League, Turkish Cup and CEV Cup and everyone knows that Turkish league is the strongest in Europe. As every year, we try to work hard and play at the highest level. We opened the season well; we have 7 out of 7 in the championship, and that gives us strength and motivation to continue in that way. But again, it’s too early to talk about what will happen in the end, it’s important for us to play better from game to game.

What is Eczacibasi missing to be like Fenerbahce or Vakifbank, to win the title?

Honestly, nothing. Eczacibasi is a club with a great tradition and one of the most successful clubs and is at the level of the mentioned clubs. Simply, in a given moment or you are ready or you have more luck.

Who is the best teammate and why?

“I cannot single out one, there are a lot of players that are dear to me and with whom I always enjoy playing.”

You played against many rivals all around the world, both with the National team and the club. Against whom do you always like to play and why?

In the Turkish championship as the strongest rivals, I would, of course, single out Fenerbahce, Vakifbank, and Galatasaray. And in the National team, those are USA, China, Brazil and Russia. It’s always good and interesting to play against all of these teams. The matches are uncertain and you can always learn something new”

You left home and your country as a very young player, what do you miss most?

“I left home early, but I quickly became independent, so it was not hard for me. Of course, I am often nostalgic; I miss my family, so I try to go home more often, even for a few days.”

Have you had the opportunity to be a child since you started playing volleyball early and even faster to become a great player?

“I finished elementary school in Bileca. After that, I moved to Belgrade where I continued my high school. So, since I was 14 years old, I had to be responsible for myself, but it did not make me feel bad, even I think it helped me grow up faster. Of course that I was playing with toys and everything else when I was younger with my sister and brother but these days are, like in the distant past”.

Considering that you started to live alone since your 14th birthday, what’s the first dish you learned to cook? And what’s the best dish that you know to cook?

After training, I am often tired and I do not have time to cook, so I rarely cook. And the dish that I know to prepare is an omelet.

We noticed that you love fashion and makeup?

Although I am an athlete, that does not mean that I am not like all the girls when we speak about all these things. I’m young and I love that. I do not often have the opportunity to be elegant, but when the time comes for that, I like to look nice.”

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Bokan November 15, 2017 - 8:26 pm

Great Interview. Boskovic is a phenomenal player.

Mile November 16, 2017 - 9:55 am

Tijana is best opposite spiker. Team with her in ranks is always about to win.


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