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CEV President pleased with action plan

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CEV President André Meyer chaired on Wednesday a meeting that was attended by the Directors of the four Regional Volleyball Development Centres (RVDC’s) established by the FIVB/CEV in Azerbaijan, England, Italy, and Luxembourg and that have already turned into real “hubs” for Volleyball excellence. The meeting was attended also by an observer representing the Danish Volleyball Federation for this country may host another RVDC in the near future.



CEV President André Meyer used this meeting as an opportunity to brief the attendees about the CEV vision on development and more specifically on the necessity to create a real network across Europe that shall stimulate and help the growth and promotion of the sport. “The RVDC’s are the major hubs on our Volleyball map and their work shall always go to the benefit of all National Federations and Zonal Associations” Mr. Meyer said. “Networking is quintessential as we want to open the doors of these centres to as many people as possible. Apart from this, we also expect these centres to join their forces with National Federations and Zonal Associations so as to make the most out of their activities. Besides hosting youth and junior competitions, the RVDC’s are supposed to organize a wide range of international seminars and clinics so as to share knowledge and expertise with all those who are working for the good of Volleyball.”

The meeting included a review of the regulations adopted for FIVB/CEV RVDC’s and also a short presentation made by each Director about their respective activities planned for 2014.

Additional measures and actions were discussed for the years 2015 and 2016, with a focus on the coordination between the CEV Development Department and the RVDC’s.

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