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ECHJ M: Italy win in straight sets again

by WoV

Host Slovakia again could not please its fans and was shut out by cruising defending champion Italy by 0:3 (15-25, 16-25, 16-25).



Marek Meciar, player of Slovakia:  “I am sure that we can play better…  We were nervous in front of the home fans.  Italy was very strong today.  They had better serving and attack, but I know that we can do better.  We are sad, but we will try to fight in next matches of the tournament.”

Tiziano Mazzone, captain of Italy:  “I am very happy with our performance.  I think the Slovakian players were under pressure at home, because I know they can play better.  We won two matches in three sets and I am satisfied.”

Miroslav Palgut, head coach of Slovakia:  “Italy was much better in attack than our team.  We had only 33% success rate in attack and we made a lot of errors.  I tried to change setters, but they were not playing well today.  Italy deserved to win.”

Michele Totire, head coach of Italy:  “For me the real tournament will start tomorrow.  I saw France against Bulgaria and they are a very good team.  We played very well today and I am satisfied.  My team played better than yesterday, but we can play even better.  We need to have a strong match tomorrow against Bulgaria and I hope that my team will play on the same level as today.”


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