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WoV fans agree with players and coaches: Volleyball schedule is tight!

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When players and coaches from strong leagues, such as the Polish and Russian, are complaining about the tight schedule of the matches, it had to be considered seriously at the highest levels of International Volleyball Federation (FIVB).

Belogorie - Fenerbahce

Belogorie – Fenerbahce

In this case, the fans also agree with the point of view of the players and coaches, at least those who are visiting our web site.

WorldofVolley fans decided – Volleyball schedule is tight!

It is the result of our Poll. In percentages – 56.8 % of you have answered YES on the question – Do you think that current schedule is tight?

Some of WoV fans do not think the calendar is tight – 18.1 %, while 15.9 % has the opinion it is tight, but the players and coaches need to overcome it.

Finally, 9.1 % thinks that calendar is not tight, but there is room to be expanded.


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