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ARG: Rolando Cholakian, one of the Argentine referees at London 2012 Olympic Games

by WoV
source: feva.org.ar

While both gender Argentine Seniors' Team have to compete to qualify for the 2012 Olympic Games (the men's in Argentina and the women's in Brazil), Argentine volleyball is already part of the main challenge of the season with the international referee, Rolando Cholakian named officially by the FIVB to be part of the indoor volleyball competition for the first time in his life.



He starts talking remembering when he was named: “I received the news when I was on holidays with my family, mid February. I waited such an important moment and I was sure, thanks to all my international work that one day it would arrive“.

The Cordoba international referee was part during the last years of the World Cups (2007 and 2011), Senior World Championships (2006 and 2010), Great Champions Cup (2009) and Final Rounds of the FIVB World League (2008/2011) included his participation as second referee at the last season Gdansk Final match.

I felt something I only felt very few times in my life, butterflies in my stomach. I remembered at that moment all what I enjoyed at international competitions, all what I learnt and how I took advises. I though about my parents that even though do not live any more I am very sure are very proud and in my whole family” he added when all know that he started his FIVB referee career in the year 2004.

It was and still is a great pride to represent Argentina in an international competition but this, no doubt, will be the most important representation. Anyone wishes to be and live once in his lifetime the Olympic Games“. “I will try to do my utmost to answer the confidence shown on my work and I also hope to be able to enjoy without leaving aside my responsibility of that moment” he finished saying with all the excitement it means that time is getting near for such outstanding moment in his career.

To close he did not forget his family and FeVA authorities among others: “I want to thank my family, the authorities of the school Gabriel Taborin where I work and that always allow me to be part of the international competitions and to all that helped me grew and improve day after day with their advises. To our province and national sport authorities that always supported my job“.

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