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ARG: Santa Cruz Volleyball federation was created this Saturday to make stronger province volleyball

by WoV
source: feva.org.ar

This Saturday at Puerto San Julián, Santa Cruz took place the meeting to create the Santa Cruz Volleyball Federation with the presence of the following institutions: Club San Jorge de Caleta Olivia, Club Patagones de Caleta Olivia, Escuela Municipal “Franca Sur” and “Choique Voley” from Caleta Olivia; Club Ferrocarriles del Estado from Puerto Deseado; Escuela Municipal “Chiche Soto” from Puerto Deseado; Escuela de Voley from Puerto San Julián; Club Independiente from Puerto San Julián; Escuela Municipal from Puerto santa Cruz; Asociación Amigos del Rocha from Río Gallegos; Asociación Sur de Voleibol; A.Mu.Vo.Ca. from El Calafate; Club del Consejo Agrario from Río Gallegos; Asociación Boxing Club from Río Gallegos; Comisión de Fomento from Cañadón Seco; Club Universitario from Caleta Olivia and Asociación Caleta Olivia de Voleibol.



The Province Sport Secretary, Prof. Jorge Wiehoff, opened the meeting pointing out the importance of the creation of the province federation representing all its clubs and teams. First the new Statutes were approved and then the new authorities were named and their Board of Administration now has the following names to work towards their goal of developing volleyball all over the province.

PRESIDENT: Prof. Eduardo Iglesias (Caleta Olivia) 
1st VICE-PRESIDENT: Prof. Martín Nogueira (Río Gallegos) 
2nd VICE-PRESIDENT: Prof. Fernando Pandolfi (Puerto San Julián) 
3rd VICE-PRESIDENT: Prof. Nicolás Cetta (Río Gallegos) 
4th VICE-PRESIDENT: Mr. Luis Jofré (Puerto Deseado) 

SECRETARY AND TREASURER: Will be named by the President from Caleta Olivia Members: 
1st – Mr. Hugo Marín (Río Gallegos) 
2nd – Prof. Fabio Ferrari (Puerto Santa Cruz) 
3rd – Prof. Luis Condori (El Calafate) 

Substitute Members
1st – Prof. Gustavo Guiñazú (Río Gallegos) 
2nd – Prof. Federico Santos (Caleta Olivia) 
3rd – Prof. Adrián Arnold (Río Turbio)

According with what was settled at the meeting all Province Volleyball will be develop, organized and trained under the Federation starting March 31st, 2012. The institution will present itself at the Province authorities to become legal as soon as possible.

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