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WL: Velasco – “We relaxed in the third set”; Koshikawa – “It’s not all about results”

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After the win against Japan, the head coach of Argentina Julio Velasco said that it was a risk for them:

Julio Velasco


“Today was a risk for us. We won 3-0 yesterday and did not have any time to train before the early start today. I told the team to start fast and concentrate or else Japan could get going and make it tough for us. We worked as a team today. We relaxed in the third set and they took advantage. We made 11 errors on their 25 points. We did better in the fourth set. They were using tips and slow balls that gave us problems.”

Japan captain Yu Koshikawa

“I think we all tried to rely on our mental power today. We still have a lot to work on in terms of technique and tactics. We won one set today, which is a big improvement. From now on, we have to find more mental power. It is not all about results, but finding a way to put together one good play after another for the future.


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