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ARG: Volleyball in the Olympic farewell of the Argentine President

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source: feva.org.ar

At the Argentine Women Hall (Salón de las Mujeres Argentinas) of the Pink House (Argentine Government House) the President, Ms. Cristina Fernández, welcome the Argentine athletes that will represent the country at the London Olympic Games giving the Argentine Flag to Luciana Aymar (Grass Hockey) and Guillermo Marro (Swimming), who will lead the Olympic and Para-Olympic Argentine delegation. At the ceremony were the Social Development Ministry, Ms. Alicia Kirchner; Internal Affairs Ministry, Mr. Florencio Randazzo; National Sport Secretary, Mr. Claudio Morresi and the President of the Argentine, Olympic Committee, Mr. Gerardo Werthein and Para-Olympic Games, Mr. José María Valladares.


The event on Tuesday

Representing Argentine Volleyball, were part of the team that qualified for London 2012 and FeVA officials, Mr. Fabián Ramón and Mr. José María Cuadrillero.
As usual, we are saying good bye to the athletes that will represent us with our flag very high. Go to London to show with honour that we are Argentinian. We are not fool, things are being said to discrediting us, but we do not mix different things”. The President said.

“Our rights to defend us at International Forums, but now we are going to the Olympic Games to compete in different sports, with a lot of confidence in all of your that will represent us with care and pride” expressed the President.

She added: “We increased 1,250 per cent of our Sport Budget, scholarships were increased and also the people that receive them and therefore we feel very happy. Sport needs concentration, to leave things aside to train, and therefore they make us proud and the Paraolympic athletes they have an impressive merit, they reveal a very human being important condition, courage and the feeling that to go forward even though all difficulties“.

All listened very careful, including the “Leonas” (Grass Hockey) players with their coach, Carlos “Chapa” Retegui; the Beijing Gold Medal bike rider, Juan Curuchet and his brother Gabriel, the President of the Track and High Way Cycling Federation; the gymnast Valeria Pereyra and Federico Molinari; the Handball Natinal Team; Martín Jaite (captain of the tennis team); the fighter Patricia Bermúdez; the box fighters Yamil Peralta and Alberto Meliá; the Cuban Coaches (fight) and Sarbelio Fuentes (boxing); Carlos Espínola (several times olympic medal winner in yachting and Mayor of the city of Corrientes; members of the Hockey and Volleyball Men Teams, the blind athlete Sebastián Baldassarri and the Para-Olympic Bike Rider Rodrigo López.

Morresi, at the meeting added: “This is another demonstration of more engagement of the President with Argentine Sports, the same that shows the Ministry Alicia Kirchner. The words of Cristina were very clear: the athletes go to London to compete and only will defend our light blue – white colours in sport competitions, leaving other Argentine facts aside on the fight to recover the sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands“.

At the event also were the Under-Secretaries Luis Vivona, Gustavo Berta and Marcelo Chames; the Directors Osvaldo Arsenio and Marcelo Giraudo; the Chief of Staff of Advisers Secretariat, Marcelo Achile, and the President of the Argentine Water Sports of Argentina, Raúl Araya.

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