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Are Fenerbahce really interested in the new rising star of China?

by WoV

One of the rumors these days is that Fenerbahce threw an eye on the very talented Chinese star Yingying Li.

Yingying Li

Yingying Li

Honestly, that is not surprising if we know that Yingying Li turned 18 years in February and she was the top scorer in the Chinese volleyball league.

After Zhu Ting we don’t remember that some Chinese player drew the attention to herself like Yingying. Especially now when she has the full right to compete in a foreign volleyball league all around the world. In which one? We will see during the transfer period!

But before that, let’s say something about this talented player. 

As we mentioned she has only 18 years and she already became the member of the Chinese A team. She is 192 cm tall and many already call her: “volleyball genius” or “New Zhu Ting”.

In the previous season in the domestic league, she was the best scorer of the whole China. Her team Tianjin won the 11th title and she scored 804 points. Li won 719 points from attack, 31 from the block and 54 from the serve.

Did you know that Yingying scored 43 points in the last match in the championship? Yes, 43 points! But that is not the best score which she made in her career. Li made 45 points against Shanghai in December 2017 when she broke the record of 43 points kept by Zhu Ting.

Also, very interesting information is that Yingying was even better than the famous Korean star  Kim Yeon-Koung who was the second-best scorer. The difference was 231 points between these two players.

In the next transfer period, Li will be an interesting target for many coaches, clubs and managers, and only she knows where she will continue her career!

Bravo Yingying! 


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