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BRA W: Valeskinha recovers – “I’m free from crutches”

by WoV
source: melhordovolei.com.br; Photo: vertexvolley.com

Valeskinha is recovering from surgery for reconstruction of the patellar tendon in her left knee, performed on May 14.

Valeska dos Santos Menezes

Valeska dos Santos Menezes

The middle blocker, known as a person who always jokes, is already walking without crutches and guaranteed, in an interview for Brazilian media, to be “better today than yesterday.”

“Gradually, my life as an athlete is going back to the routine. After two months from the surgery are over, Dr. Ney (Unilever doctor) released me from crutches. Now, I only do weight training and physical therapy. It is the time to gain muscle so I can support the body as well as to return to activity with the ball, which still has no expected date,” Valeskinha said and added:

“It all depends on my progress. I am better today than yesterday. That is right”.

Valeskinha has weight training under the supervision of trainer Marco Antônio Jardim, and her physical therapy is guided by Márcio Menezes.

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