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BRA M: Sada Cruzeiro took first step towards finals

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After the bad start in the first set, Sada Cruzeiro exceeded Minas with 3:1. The center Acacio was chosen the MVP of the match. For Minas the best performance showed Lucarelli (73% in attack) and Otavio.



In 1. set the hosts started badly with 3 errors and let the rival take the lad of 5:8. The ace of Henrique increased the difference 11:15. Thanks to Mendez and Filipe Sada got to 18:20. However, Lucarelli closed the set with 22:25.

In 2. set the hosts started well with the service of Douglas (1 ace) and 4 consecutive break points of Acacio and Mauricio, that led Sada to 6:2. It secured the advantage and got to 12:8 with the counterattack of Mauricio.

The entrance of Temponi instead of Manius did not change the situation and the set was closed with the error of Lucarelli 25:21.

In 3. set, the block on Douglas and the ace of Rejlek led Minas to 3:0. However, Douglas gave its maximum and provided the lead for Cruzeiro of 10:6. With the attack of the Cuban Sierra Sanchez, Sada won the set with a big difference of 25:17.

In 4. Sada took the lead thanks to the errors of Rejlek (1:0), Temponi (2:0) and Lucarelli (7:3). The excellent playing of Wallace, Filipe and Mauricio provided the lead for Sada of 9:4. Minas continued making errors and Acacio scored 14:8 and 15:8. Anderson entered instead of Temponi, but that did not help Minas improve the score. Mauricio closed the set with 25:16 in favor of Sada Cruzeiro.

Semifinals: Game 1 (April 3)

1. vs 5.: SADA CRUZEIRO – VIVO / MINAS 3:1 (22:25, 25:21, 25:17, 25:16)

SADA CRUZEIRO: Douglas Cordeiro 9, Mauricio Silva Borges 15, William Arjona 4, Wallace Souza 18, Marcos Acacio 12, Filipe Ferraz 10, Sergio Nogueira “Serginho” (L), Daniel Gramignoli 1, Yadier Sanchez Sierra 3
Did not enter: Rogerio Silva, Lucas Loh, Hugo Silva
Coach: Marcelo Mendez

VIVO / MINAS: Marcelo Elgarten 0, Manius Abbadi 3, Ricardo Souza, “Lucarelli” 11, Otavio Pinto 8, Henrique Randow 6, Rejlek 12, Leandro Greek “Polaco” (L), 1 Rodrigo Rodrigues, Bruno Araujo “Temponi” 1, Edson Cerqueira “Edinho” 6, Anderson Rodrigues 1
Did not enter: Orestes Carvalho “Miraglia”
Caoch: Marcelo Fronckowiak
MVP: Marcos Acacio

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