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BRA M: Bruno – “Yes, I received an email from Graca”

by WoV
source: globoesporte.globo.com; Photo: fivb.org

Bruno Rezende confirmed for globoesporte.globo that Ary Graca, President of the FIVB and ex-President of the Brazilian Volleyball Federation, has sent him an email regarding comments about the corruption scandal in Brazil.



The whole case was revealed by his father, Bernardo Rezende who told globoesporte.globo.br that Ary Graca sent a threatening letter to Bruno.

He said that he was disappointed with my reaction” started Bruno. “But, I think that it is quite opposite, because the players are the ones who are disappointed. We have always believed in Brazilian Volleyball Federation… I have not accused anyone in my comments. You can see that I have never mentioned any name, so my conscience is clear. We just want everything to be transparent. People are curious. We see so much wrong things in our environment and we are just trying to do something right.”

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