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ESP W: Logrono finished two matches at home with two wins

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Minis de Arluy VB Logroño celebrated victories in the first two matches of Liga Iberdrola final played on their own territory.

Minis de Arluy VB Logroño - Fachadas Dimurol Libby´s

Logroño – Fachadas

After today’s match, the final series will move to Tenerife (April 27) and we will see whether their court will bring them luck or will they give the opponents the title after only three matches.

In case of victory of Facades Dimurol Libby’s on Saturday, the fourth game would be played.

Tonight, Logrono celebrated the win with 3-0 (25-18, 25-11, 25-16)

Minis Arluy VB Logroño: Gritzbach (12), Edelman (3), Da Silva (11), Portero (6), González (8), Rangel (12) Llabrés (líbero), Escamilla. 

Fachadas Dimurol Libby´s: Suárez (7), Holt (1), Da Silva (5), Sanz (4), Kijaková (2), Diouf (12) Naranjo (líbero), Kvasnytia (3), Melián,Urrea,Tummino, Fernández (1).


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