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GER M: Vital Heynan announced 15 names for WCH qualifiers

by WoV
source: Photo: fivb.org

The head coach of German national team Vital Heynan, has announced the names of 15 players, who will try to grab a ticket to its country for the World Championship 2014.

Lukas Kampa

Lukas Kampa

The team’s training for the World Championship qualifier will start on December 20 in Heidelberg, with the qualifying tournament scheduled to take place from January 3rd to 5th, 2014 at the MHP Arena in Ludwigsburg. In preparation for the World Championship qualifiers, the German team will play two matches in Belgium against the hosts.

Come January, Germany will play Croatia, Estonia and Turkey for a ticket to the FIVB Men’s World Championship that will take place in Poland in September 3-21, 2014.

The roster of Germany:


Lukas Kampa (Modena / ITA)

Sebastian Kuehner (BR Volleys)

Middle blockers:

Marcus Böhme (Generali Haching)

Tim Broshog ( Moers SC)

Philip Collin (Tours / FRA)

Michael Andrei (St-Nazaire/FRA)

Lukas Bauer ( Sete / FRA )


Denis Kaliberda (Piacenca / ITA)

Björn Höhne (TV Ingersoll Bühl)

Sebastian Schwarz (Generali Haching)

Christian Fromm ( Castello Pallavolo / ITA )


Jochen Schoeps (Rzeszow / POL)

Georg Grozer (Belgorod / RUS)


Ferdinand Tille (Generali Haching)

Markus Steuerwald ( Paris / FRA )

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