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Christmas time with Mareen Apitz

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Christmas is a very special time for everyone and this applies also to the players of DRESDNER SC. Waiting for the actions to start after this much needed break, DRESDNER SC setter Mareen Apitz shares her Christmas experience and habits with us after visiting the local Christmas fair, known as the Striezelmarkt.



I love Christmas and really enjoy this time of the year very much” Apitz says. “I start decorating my flat quite early and have a lot of fun in doing this. My family lives just nearby Dresden, so we see each other quite often during these holidays. And a rock Christmas song needs to be there as well.”

Apitz and DRESDNER SC played their last game of the year last week when they traveled to France and played there BEZIERS Volley for the last round of the prelims in the 2014 CEV DenizBank Volleyball Champions League.

“We won our last game of the year in Béziers and that was a wonderful Christmas present. A few of our players are now getting ready to play with their respective national teams in the third and last round of the World Championship qualification that is coming up in early January. Those who stay in Dresden like me will resume training on December 26 in order to prepare for our next game in the Bundesliga against Aurubis HAMBURGApitz says.

When it comes to her Christmas habits, Apitz reveals: “Like many other families here in Saxony, I spend the Christmas Eve with my relatives and we eat potato salad and little sausages. Another tradition in my family is that we normally go for a short Christmas walk, regardless of the weather conditions. After this the hot mulled wine tastes a lot better. And I normally meet friends and we spend time together before Christmas.” 

Christmas is also the time of the year where sweets may turn into something dangerous for anyone like Apitz who needs to stay healthy like any other sportsperson. “I am paying attention and our physical trainer provides us with some good tips for the few free days we get. I am very much disciplined and do not have any problem in giving up the sweets. Normally I rather pamper myself with a delicious hot mulled wine or a hot punch. As for the Christmas presents, I start buying them quite early so that I do not have to rush to the shopping malls right by the time they get crowded. I have to do this because I normally wrap my presents on my own. This is the perfect way to prepare for a wonderful Christmas Eve.”

Does Mareen have any special wish for Christmas and also for the New Year 2014?

Maybe it sounds a little banal, but health is the thing that is most important to me. I am happy and satisfied with what I have. So I simply would like to stay and continue this way, and then success will come. Of course, I wish we could win the Bundesliga and seize the title at the Margon Arena. That is the wish I share with all other players of DRESDNER SC.”

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