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GER M: Hilaroius blog from Shoji brothers – Erik vs. Kawika

by WoV
source: brothersberlin.tumblr.com; Photo: usavolleyball.org

Erik and Kawika Shoji are members of Berlin Recycling Volleys. Except U.S. national team, it will be their first time to play in the same club! Check out the Shoji brothers’ hilarious blog.

USA fans

USA fans

“Erik writing here. Most of you reading already know that Kawika and I will be spending a year together playing professional volleyball in Berlin, Germany. I decided to start this joint blog (Kawika and I will both be posting) so we can share our experiences as brothers here in Europe. Playing here on the same team as brothers is pretty unique, so hopefully through this blog you guys will learn more about us and our adventures overseas.

Over the years Kawika and I have gotten a lot of questions regarding our similarities and differences. Who’s more competitive..who’s smarter…who’s more social…etc etc etc…all the way to even “Are you twins?” or “Who’s older?” So I decided to write my first post highlighting some similarities and differences between Kawika and I so you guys can get to know us better.

Here are 10 similarities and differences between Kawika and I.


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