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GER M: Aspiotis back in Greece

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Greek player Anastasios Aspiotiis left VfB Friedrichshafen. Stelian Moculescu understands the situation with the player and in the club. For latest volleyball news visit WorldofVolley.


Anastasios Aspiotis

VfB sports director and head coach Stelian Moculescu says: “I’m sorry for the boy, hee must take a break, but I can understand him, he is going because of his family.

Aspiotis, who was delighted with his first contract abroad remains with his family in Corfu (Greece). “I am very sad about the situation,” he says. “But I hope that everything will turn for the better and I can come back to Friedrichshafen soon.

Manager Stefan Mau said that they don’t have a slolution for the replacement yet. “But we are looking for a player that can come as soon as possible to Friedrichshafen.

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