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ITA M: Will N’Gapeth save Casa Modena?

by WoV

Often called "The greatest club in the World" Modena is struggling to live up to that name. In fact, Modena is long time without a team who is capable of winning trophies and with the recent reconstruction of the squad it seemed like Modena is soon going to be back on top.

Back in Cuneo days

Back in Cuneo days

Uroš Kovačević, Lukas Kampa, Zbigniew Bartman Those were the names that needed to lift Modena up where it belongs. But, it’s hard to be on top and Lorenzetti failed to to compose all the pieces and, board of Modena needed to react. First, in January, Bruninho signed and such a huge name must lift that young great team? Wrong. Bruno started ok with two wins, but went on to record four consecutive losses. What now?

Now bring one of the most controversial but also one of the most talented players in the World. Earvin N’Gapeth. Still, “case N’Gapeth” is not closed, no one can tell how long will he be banned and will he miss some time due to suspension. But even if he avoids suspension, will he improve this squad? When we talk about skill, of course, he is amazing. But will his troublesome character hurt Modena’s chances of building a great team? We will see.

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