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ITA M: TEAM ROSTERS: Serie A1 looks stronger than ever!

by WoV
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Just by looking at the team rosters, the 2016/17 season in Serie A1 should be very, very interesting! What do you think, who is going to win Scudetto?



The volleyball transfer market in Italy is officially closed. These are the teams that will participate in the 2016/17 Serie A1 season.


Setter: Christenson

Opposite: Sokolov

Middle Blockers: Cester and Stanković

Receivers: Juantorena and Kaliberda

Libero: Grebennikov

Substitutions: Corvetta, Casadei, Kovar, Čebulj Randazzo, Candellaro, Pesaresi

Head coach: Gianlorenzo Blengini  



Setter: Sottile

Opposite: Fei

Middle Blockers: Gitto and Rossi

Receivers: Maruotti and Ishikawa

Libero: Fanuli

Substitutions: Pistolesi, Klinkenberg, Quintana Guerra.

Head coach: Vincenzo Nacci



Setter: Sbertoli

Opposite: Starović

Middle Blockers: Tondo and De Togni

Receivers: Hoag and Skrimov

Libero: Cortina

Substitutions: Boninfante, Marretta, Breuning, Galaverna, Tondo, Galassi, Gabriele.

Head coach: Luca Monti.





Setter: Orduna

Opposite: Vettori

Middle Blockers: Holt and Le Roux

Receivers: Ngapeth and Petrić

Libero: Rossini

Substitutions: Salsi, Onwelo, Cook, Massari, S. Ngapeth, Piano

Head coach: Roberto Piazza 



Setter: Thiaguinho

Opposite: Sabbi

Middle Blockers: Polo and Vitelli

Receivers: Olteanu and Joao Rafael

Libero: De Pandis

Substitutions: Partenio, Hendriks, Del Vecchio, Cormio, Di Martino, Porcelli.

Head coach: Vincenzo Di Pinto.



Setter: Jovović

Opposite: Hirsch

Middle Blockers: Beretta and Verhees

Receivers: Fromm and Botto

Libero: Rizzo

Substitutions: Daldello, Raic, Galliani, Terpin, Forni, Brunetti.

Head coach: Miguel Angel Falasca.



Setter: Shaw

Opposite: Giannotti

Middle Blockers: Volpato and Averill

Receivers: Maar and Fedrizzi

Libero: Balaso

Substitutions: Zoppellari, Milan, Sestan, Gozzo, Koncilja, Bassanello.

Head coach: Valerio Baldovin.





Setter: De Cecco

Opposite: Atanasijević

Middle Blockers: Podraščanin and Birarelli

Receivers: Zaytsev and Russell

Libero: Tosi

Substitutions: Mitic, Chernokozhev, Berger, Della Lunga, Buti, Franceschini, Bari.

Head coach: Slobodan Kovač.



Setter: Hierrezuelo

Opposite: Hernandez

Middle Blockers: Yosifov and Alletti

Receivers: Marshall and Zlatanov

Libero: Mania

Substitutions: Cottarelli, Tzioumakas, Tencati, Clevenot, Parodi, Papi.

Head coach: Alberto Giuliani.



Setter: Spirito

Opposite: Torres

Middle Blockers: Ricci and Bossi

Receivers: Lyneel and Van Garderen

Libero: Goi

Substitutions: Leoni, B. Grozdanov, Raffaelli, Calarco, Conrad Kaminski, Marchini.

Head coach: Fabio Soli



Setter: Seganov

Opposite: Miskevich

Middle Blockers: Gotsev and Sperandio

Receivers: Rosso and Kalinin

Libero: Santucci

Substitutions: Marrazzo, Tiozzo, Lucarelli, Corsetti, Mauti, Mattei.

Head coach: Bruno Bagnoli.



Setter: Giannelli

Opposite: Stokr

Middle Blockers: Sole and van de Voorde

Receivers: Lanza and Urnaut

Libero: Colaci

Substitutions: Blasi, Nelli, Antonov, T.Mazzone, Burgsthaler, D.Mazzone, Chiappa

Head coach: Angelo Lorenzetti





Setter: Baranowicz

Opposite: Djurić

Middle Blockers: Anzani and Zingel

Receivers: Kovačević and Ferreira

Libero: Giovi

Substitutions: Paolucci, Stern, Lecat, Holt, Mengozzi, Frigo.

Head coach: Andrea Giani.


Vibo Valentia

Setter: Coscione

Opposite: Michalovic

Middle Blockers: Barone and Jr Costa

Receivers: Thiago Alves and Kadu

Libero: Marra

Substitutions: Marrazzo, Tiozzo, Lucarelli, Corsetti, Mauti, Mattei.

Head coach: Waldo Kantor


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