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Rules of the Game Commission meets in Lausanne

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The FIVB Rules of the Game Commission completed its annual meeting at the Lausanne headquarters in Switzerland on Friday, reflecting on the publication of the 2013-2016 Rules of the Game published at the end of the last year following the decision of the FIVB Congress. Read latest volleyball news on Worldofvolley.com.


Rules of the Game Commission

The Commission looked ahead at further modifications in the continued search to improve volleyball and beach volleyball with a further coming together of the two disciplines planned, with tests, which are at the planning stage, set to take this forward.

Key discussion points and decisions in the three-day meeting included the confirmation to update and create multi-media material and e-learning platforms for referee development.

In an effort further liberalise the degree of contact with the opponent court, a centre line questionnaire is to be prepared for use in European events to determine the players views.

Meanwhile, the beach volleyball rule changes have already begun to be implemented and feedback has been received on how it is impacting the game.

The challenge system was discussed and ideas are now becoming clearer about how this will operate – new technology is to be embraced  by volleyball in all disciplines.

The application of sanction was agreed and is ready for inclusion in the Refereeing Guidelines while clarification is also to be offered on the 1st pass criteria.

The Rules of the Game and the Refereeing Commission, which was also meeting at the same time, held a joint meeting on Thursday.

The meetings are the first two of 10 FIVB Commission meetings to be held in February with the TV and New Media Commission and Confederation Press Officers meeting on Sunday.

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