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WCHJ W: Brazil defeated USA 3:0

by WoV
source: fivb.org; Photo: fivb.org

Brazil showed all their powerful volleyball on Saturday at Vodova hall, beating US 3-0 on their debut at the U20 World Championship. Rosamaria Montibeller and Sara Aparecida Silva were the top scorers.


Brazil – USA

Brazil dominated the game. However, Alexandra Malloy reloaded her team’s cartridge case with outstanding spike to get a 12-all in the second set; however her team could not maintain the Brazilian rhythm. Brazil controlled the net, especially with the amazing blocking skills of Valquíria (6 personal blocks).

USA decided again to raise their level in the third set, taking a 13-9 lead in the third set, then losing their advantage and leading again 20-19, but a few of mistakes in net contrasts and a final ball out by Kelsey Humphreys (one of the best of her team) gave the final victory to South Americans. A brilliant victory marked by Brazil, with captain Rosamaria Montibeller (15 points) and Sara Aparecida Silva (14) as best spikers and scorers.

Brazil coach Luizomar De Moura: “Today’s match was a good start for us. We proof the rhythm of game and had a good duel. We don’t have any special ambitions. We only play each game each day. The first step is done, now we’ll think about the preparation for the next match.

Brazil captain Rosamaria Montibeller: “We’re very happy with this win. We were very nervous but we tried to concentrate. We studied USA a lot and we tried to play to get the result. We did it.

USA coach Rodney Wilde: “We played much better than we did yesterday. We were much more aggressive in playing, our game was on a higher level. We just made a couple of mistakes. Tomorrow we have a free day so it gives us a chance for regroup. We still have some injuries that we’re trying to solve.

USA captain Jordan Burgess: “Our team came and played with its heart. Even with a lost I’m proud of how we played. I think we can do it a bit smarter.

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