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ECH M: Germany-express destroyed Russia (PHOTO)

by WoV

What nobody expected, not even the hard core Germany fans, happened in the first round of group D where Germany swept Russia in straight sets 3-0 (25-20, 25-23, 25-19).


Scary performance – Gyorgy Grozer

With their trademark defence and discipline, Germany took the early lead and started to dictate flow of the game. Fromm and Grozer were just too good for Russian defence and they were destroying Voronkov’s team in pieces. After 8-3, Russia caught up a bit, and even equalised 14-14. But it never looked like an even game. Germany always had the upper hand and when the ending come, they were just perfect. First set went to Grozer and company, 25-20.

As it is known, when Germans smell blood, no matter the sports, they are rolling and rolling hard. Heynen was outsmarting Voronkov at every step. Weather it was play calling or subs, he couldn’t make mistake. Russian hang until the ending but today, Germany was too much too good for anybody, not just Russia. Kaliberda was controling the reception along with Tille, and Kampa distributed like he was a magician. Germany extended their lead to 2-0, (25-23).

And the nightmare for the Olympic champions never stopped. Again substitutes from Vorkonkov didn’t do anything for the team. Reception was struggling, spikers were unable to score, only thing that was on a high level was middle blockers, Apalikov and Muserskiy, but that was not near enough to beat an amazing German side. After some projectiles from Grozes and aces Germany established a huge 23-17 lead which was basicaly a secured win. They took advantage of their second match point and won this game by straight sets (25-19).

When it was all set and done, Fromm and Grozer had a combined 71% attack percentage! Grozer was the top scorer with 21 points followed by his fellow teammate Fromm with 13.

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