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CWCH M: Voronkov – ”Mental strength and stability”

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The mental strength and the stability his team showed especially in the fourth set were the main reasons for the victory of Lokomotiv Novosibirsk over Trentino Diatec, according to Andrey Voronko, the coach of the Russian club.



Oreol Camejo, player of LokomotivNow is when the tournament is starting. This win really prepares us for tomorrow’s match when we will be going after the title. It is confidence booster for the whole team.

Emanuele Birarelli, captain of Trentino: We lost and I am not happy but we have to be satisfied because of our performance. We are a young team and four of the players who finished the match were born in 1991. It is important for them to get the experience of playing in matches like this one. We could have done better in the important points of the sets but again the lack of experience showed.

Andrey Voronkov, coach of Lokomotiv: We worked very well in all the fundaments of the game and the team was really focused. The players showed a lot of mental, psychological strength in the fourth set when we trailed by four points. The general reason for the victory was the stability of our team.

Roberto Serniotti, coach of Trentino: We deserved to play a fifth set and I am proud of my team. The mistakes of the young players come out in the tough moments. We are a new team and now we have to prepare for tomorrow’s match.

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