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CHN W: Zhejiang made first step

by WoV

In the first match for the third place in Chinese league, Zhejiang has celebrated victory over Jiangsu 3-2.



Zhejiang had 2-0 in sets but in the next two their opponents were too strong. In tie-break the host was lucky.

Top scorers: Li Jing 27, Yang Zhou 15, Wang Hui-min 12; Ruoqi Hui 21, Xu Ruoya 18, Zhang Chang-ning 17, Jiang Qian-wen 15, Wang Chen-yue 15.


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
1st game 20. 01. 2015 19:30 Zhejiang New Century (W) vs Jiangsu ECE (W) 3:2 26:24; 25:21; 17:25; 20:25; 18:16    
2nd game 25. 01. 2015 14:00 Jiangsu ECE (W) vs Zhejiang New Century (W) 0:0      
3rd game 29. 01. 2015     Zhejiang New Century (W) vs Jiangsu ECE (W)     0:0                                                                             

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