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CL W: Another Turkish team in F4 – Eczacıbaşı wins Golden Set in Zürich

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Eczacıbaşı VitrA İstanbul survived Volero Zürich and although it was outplayed, the Turkish team reached Golden Set and went on the Champions League Final Four.



After comfortable victory in the first leg of Playoff 6 by 3-0, roles were switched in the second leg. Volero reached 3-1 in sets and after more than a tough Golden Set, it lost while having 5-1 lead!

The first set was marked by several series of points on both sides.

Eczacıbaşı opened the match with early 1-3 lead, but Rabadzhieva wanted to redeem for the poor performance in the first leg. She started to score and block.

Volero made a 5-0 run and led by 8-4. Swiss team scored all of those 5 points on Kupriianova’s serve.

Volero continued in the same rhythm. Ninković and Rabadzhieva created another run – 3-0 (11-5).

De la Cruz led Eczacıbaşı’s series of 3 points (11-8). After another Eczacıbaşı’s run (3-0) and also thanks to great blocking, it leveled the score (15-15).

Next several points didn’t bring lead more than one point to any rival until two consecutive blocks by the home team (Ninković and Rabadzhieva) – 20-18.

In the finish of the set, De la Cruz made two uncharacteristic errors (24-20). Eczacıbaşı saved three set balls (24-23), but couldn’t save the fourth. Mammadova sealed it for 25-23.

The start of the second set was not very interesting since both teams won points only on opponents’ errors, especially on those from serves.

Larson, who didn’t show anything of her arsenal of weapons, finally started to win points for Eczacıbaşı. De la Cruz joined the American and with 5 poits in a row, Turkish representative gained serious advantage (4-9).

Volero fought back and quickly equalized with 4-0 run (10-10) and soon had 18-15 lead after Rykhliuk’s great ace.

Home team’s setter Thompson made the crowd ecstatic when she did a feint and scored the second ball (21-17).

Eczacıbaşı’s coach Caprara had to call time-out. And it worked. Larson made two kills while Sánchez was blocked – 21-21.

Eczacıbaşı even took one-point initiative and maintained it all the way by materializing the 2nd set ball. De la Cruz deserved to finish it – 24-26.

Volero players knew that their destiny depends on the third set. They started it in a great pace (7-4). But, on the other side was one of the main favorites for European title. Eczacıbaşı scored 4 in a row (7-8).

On 8-8 result, Rabadzhieva had an ace and successful lob spike while Ninković blocked opponents twice. If we add Mamamdova’s attack, it was 13-8 for Volero.

Eczacıbaşı was breathing down Volero’s neck and managed to equalize at 20-20. Afterwards, it was point for point play in which the home team had initiative.

Volero didn’t exploit their first set ball at 24-23, the same happened to Eczacıbaşı at 24-25.

Fürst saved set ball by blocking Sánchez at 26-25, but Neslihan’s poor spike gave Volero another chance (27-26). Rabadzhieva found an amazing angle to spike – 29-27 and Volero had 2-1 lead in sets.

The beginning of the fourth set was all about Eczacıbaşı (0-2, 2-4, 6-9).

Kupriianova’s  two aces in a row were a turning point for Volero (13-13). Mammadova’s block gave Swiss team a 17-15 lead.

De la Cruz leveled up to 17-17 with smart lob spike, but Ninković had an ace while Rykhliuk also scored (20-17). Another ace from Ninković and Rykhliuk’s attack created 5-0 run for Volero (22-17). Soon, Volero gained 3-1 lead in sets (25-19)!

Golden set had to decide the participant of the Final Four in Szczecin and it started with an ace from ThompsonPoljak’s deconcentration while spiking (touched the net) an Mammadova’s block gave 3-0 lead for Volero.

Rabadzhieva rewarded an effort of her teammates in defense and realized counter attack for 5-1! Caprara called time-out. Things weren’t looking good for Eczacıbaşı.

De la Cruz reduced the gap on 5-4 which was 3-0 run from Turkish team. The significance of the Golden Set made players of either team nervous and it reflected on service errors, but Volero maintained the distance – 8-6.

It was 8 points a piece after Larson’s powerful spike, so Volero’s coach Baltić was forced to ask for time-out.

Probably the crucial point was at Eczacıbaşı’s 8-9 lead when De la Cruz saved one tough ball and than scored it. Came the block on Mammadova (8-11). The winner was about to be promoted, but Volero tied at 12-12.

Tensions hung in the air, players of both team complained on referee’s calls. The block on De la Cruz went wide – 12-14. Poljak’s ace decided – 12-15!


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
Home Matches 05. 03. 2015 17:30 Eczacıbaşı Vitra ( W ) vs Volero Zürich ( W ) 3:0 25:12; 25:17; 25:11 STAT  
Home Matches 05. 03. 2015 20:00 VakifBank Istanbul ( W ) vs Fenerbahçe Grunding ( W ) 3:1 25:23; 28:26; 19:25; 25:16 STAT  
Home Matches 05. 03. 2015 20:30 Unendo Yamamay Busto Arsizio ( W ) vs Dinamo Moscow ( W ) 3:0 25:14; 25:22; 25:18 STAT  
Away Matches 12. 03. 2015 18:30 Fenerbahçe Grunding ( W ) vs VakifBank Istanbul ( W ) 3:2 25:20; 25:20; 21:25; 15:25; 15:12    
Away Matches 12. 03. 2015 18:30 Dinamo Moscow ( W ) vs Unendo Yamamay Busto Arsizio ( W ) 0:3 23:25; 19:25; 26:28    
Away Matches 12. 03. 2015 20:00 Volero Zürich ( W ) vs Eczacıbaşı Vitra ( W ) 3:1 25:23; 24:26; 29:17; 25:19; Golden Set 12:15  


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