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PHOTO OF THE DAY: Firing squad? No, these are just cameras!

by WoV
source: Photo: Emiko Oosato

If you entrust the organization of some tournament to Japan, you can be sure that everything is going be perfect. The same story happened on the 2015 FIVB Women’s World Cup.

World Cup

World Cup

Japanese hosts work hard to make sure that nothing lacks to all the participants. We’re sure that it will be the same when men start their tournament.

Media coverage is on a top level as well. To illustrate – check out this photo that shows how many cameras are used to transmit the World Cup. Camera operators look like a firing squad!

There’s no situation on and off the court that they could miss. Nevertheless, it seems that each player has the camera filming her moves only…

We would like to thank our friend and a huge volleyball fan Emiko Oosato for sending us this interesting photo from the scene!


You can see the full schedule of the World Cup 2015 HERE.

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