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IRN M: Davarzani – “Maybe, we could reach Rio with Kovac, but…“

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source: Author: Rahim Rahimzadeh author: Rahim Rahimzadeh

Last evening president of Iran volleyball federation Dr Davarzani at the press conference said:



“In recent years progress slope of volleyball was rising, though in some periods there was a slow slope but all together we had advancement. Now we are considered as an acceptable country in world volleyball, this is the result of teamwork and help of all who are active in this sport. Now the whole world looks us as one of the world powers. Achieved results in the past few years have created expectations in our people that always we should be winner against the world powers.

Last year our world ranking was 11th, this year it is 8th. Our work was good but from technical points there were some faults; those brought us some worries in going to the Olympic Games. Work of Kovac at the World Cup was our evidence for assessment upon his performance. Being among the superior teams of the World Cup was our prospect but we got 3 defeats against Argentina, Canada and Australia so our route towards the Olympic was faced with jeopardy, we held different meetings for keeping  complete activeness in both  mental and physical aspects of the national players who are involved in the league.”

Regarding the head coach Davarzani said:

Among the possible options for working with the national team we went to those coaches who could take us to the Olympic, Cichello was our first choice as the coach perhaps his cooperation with Lozano would be a suitable pair of coaching for Iran team. For this purpose it is due for Cichello to come to Iran in December to keep the Super league under his control. Preliminary camp of the national team will start on March 5th, 2016 without participating of those players whose teams are going to play in the semifinal phase of the super league. This is for preparing the team for qualification Games for the Olympics.”

He noted: “In April we had a session with Kovac and told him that we are anxious regarding the performance of his technical staff, he answered with these guys he has become the fourth team in the World League and sixth in the World Championship, they are in his acceptance and with a special dialects he was saying that he only needs them as his assistances.”

President Davarzani by emphasizing to the importance of Olympic qualification Games in Japan noted:

“There is no place for risk. As you know some players are only star players in the super league of Iran and do not show good performance during the national team camps. We were in search of a coach to identify the abilities of the players, to know that how each player can help the team. Cichello was the only one who could help us in this regards. Players accept him, he is a well play reader, and he had worked with Velasco for 3 years .So he has proved his ability. Beside him we were in need of a big person, big coach, totally we reached to this view that combination of Lozano, Chicello could be a good supplement for our team. Lastly we dispatched General Secretary and head of the national team to Poland for seeing the detail of Lozano’s work from nearby. With all views we are in this belief that our presence in the Olympic is probable to hundred percent. Our volleyball has paved a tough route and has arrived to the current point. Maybe with Kovac we could reach to the Olympic but its risk was high. It is our third attempt as our attack towards the Olympics; we consider a high chance for ourselves. Our team should have a situation for going to the Olympics.”


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dee jae November 24, 2015 - 12:10 pm

if the players dont change dont expect to be at the olympics


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