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TOP 10 most viewed videos on WorldofVolley in 2015

by WoV

WorldofVolley is presenting you the Top 10 list of the videos that had the highest number of views in 2015!



Here is the list of the articles:

Life of libero in 54 seconds (VIDEO) – 37726 views

WHAT!? Incredible spike by 13-year old girl! (VIDEO) – 30117

Volleyball revolution – five attackers, libero as setter (VIDEO) – 20455

THE BEST POINT OF WORLD CUP! U.S. libero Shoji scores from edge of field! (VIDEO) – 10609

THEY ARE BACK IN ACTION: Another trick-shot compilation by Knack Roeselare (VIDEO) – 9313

PHI W: Alyssa Valdez’s show – Cunning lob spike and dancing at warm up (VIDEO) – 6923

CL M: Christenson set the ball to himself!? (VIDEO) – 6574

SHOCKING SCENES!!! Gent players running away from Galatasaray fans! – 6166

This guy is just incredible – N’Gapeth’s 180 spin spike! (VIDEO) – 6057

FIGHT: Libero grabbed referee for a leg and pulled him down from chair (VIDEO) – 5917


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