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HISTORIC DAY: 49,034 people participated in #OneDayMore4Volleyball

by WoV
source: cev.lu; photo: cev.lu

The European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) had announced that Monday, February 29 would be a historic day for Volleyball and so it was in the end!

CEV's event

CEV’s event

According to the latest figures 49,034 people participated in #OneDayMore4Volleyball playing as many as 4,500 matches across 551 cities all over Europe in 901 different venues.

This year’s leap day has really turned into that one extra day for Volleyball that everyone who is fond of the game was hoping for!

At this stage, according to the current numbers, the highest participation was registered in Poland with about 15,000 players involved, followed by Serbia with 12,000.

There is no doubt that this day will remain in everyone’s memory and be remembered as a milestone in European Volleyball history for it has laid the foundations for a further improvement and growth of the game at the grass-roots level!


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