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WCC M: Sada Cruzeiro served off with convincing victory

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Sada Cruzeiro of Brazil won against Tigres de Nuevo Leon of Mexico in Pool A og the Men’s FIVB Club World Championship in Doha. Wallace de Souza and Filipe Ferraz Douglas Cordeiro, Mauricio Borges and Marcos Leal were best in Sada Cruzeiro. For TIgres Samuel Cordova, Jesus Valdez and Juan Virgen were the top scorers.


Sada Cruzeiro – Tigres de Nuevo Leon

The winners held a 5-1 difference in blocks and also bested their opponents in service aces 7-3.

Wallace de Souza and Filipe Ferraz topped Sada Cruzeiro with 13 and 11 points respectively. Douglas Cordeiro added nine while Mauricio Borges and Marcos Leal finished with 7 apiece.

Samuel Córdova and Jesús Valdes each totaled 8 points for the defeated side while Juan Virgen finished with seven points.

Spike and block by Borges sandwiched around three opponent errors gave Sada Cruzeiro an early 5-0 lead. Walker continued with a bomb from the right side. Valdez scored the first point for the Mexicans but Cordeiro scored twice for an 8-3 advantage. An ace by Cordova cut the distance to 8-5.  Leal scored twice for a 12-6 and the South Americans arrived into the second pause in front 16-8 following two furious spikes by Souza. Tigres reacted with an ace by Valdes and Virgen’spike. Sada Cruzeiro recovered the eight-point lead (20-12) after an errant spike of Valdes and Leal smash down the middle. Sanchez landed a cross-court from the right side to close the set 25-17.

The tandem of Borges and Souza gave Sada Cruzeiro a 5-2 lead in the early going of the second set. At 6-3 Borges scored an ace and followed with an erratic serve. The Brazilians led 8-4 with a massive kill by Cordeiro down the middle. At 9-5 Souza served two consecutive winners for a six-point margin. Sada Cruzeiro led 16-10 at the second technical stop following a blast by Souza. Tigres’coach Azair called a time-out with the score reading 18-10 and Virgen responded with a massive spike when play resumed. At 22-11, Virgen scored again for the Mexican side but Ferraz answered back. Ferraz closed with a lightning ace for a 25-13 score.

The Brazilians opened an 8-5 gap in the early part of the third set. Valdes cut the deficit to 8-6 with a massive spike but Cordova’s attack went long. It was Valdes marking again for the Mexicans but Leal scored with a tip followed by a smash by Cordeiro. At 13-8, Virgen scored again and the spike of Sanchez touched the antenna for the Brazilian side. When the second technical time-out arrived, Sada Cruzeiro was leading 16-11. Virgen and Cordeiro traded hits at 20-15 and finally the Brazilian side won 25-28.

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