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RUS M: Marlon – I wish to play until I’m 40

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Marlon Muraguti Yared spoke of his team, Dinamo Krasnodar, his childhood, hobbies, family, career and dreams. WorldofVolley brings you the latest volleyball news.


Marlon Muraguti Yared

Marlon, your name is Yared. What does it mean?

I’m Brazilian, but I have Japanese and Syrian roots. My mom is from Japan, and my father from Syria.

The name Marlon your parents gave you in honor of Marlon Brando?

No (laughs). My mom did not even know who he was, at the time. When I was in Italy, I have been asked about it. One journalist was interested, if I was named after Marlon Brando or not. Frankly speaking, I do not know why I was given such a name. Funny you also asked me specifically about Brando.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

I had a sister, but she died a few years ago.

Who are your parents?

They do not have anything to do with sport. I started playing volleyball in 1988. My father supported me in this.

Why did you choose volleyball?

I had two passions in my childhood. Like all Brazilians,  I used to play football, but one day my mom told me, “You have to decide and choose something. It is impossible to combine both.” Mom insisted on volleyball because she was very worried when I came home with bruised and peeled knees. So I listened to my mother’s advice and chose volleyball. And, frankly, did not regret it.

What about your wife?

She’s a mom (smiling). My wife was studying marketing in youth, but after the child, we realized that she had to follow me around the world, it would be best for het to just take care of the family – me and our son Marlon.

His name is Marlon? In honor of Marlon Brando?

(Laughs) He is Marlon Jr..

I saw that he was playing with the ball. Marlon Jr. loves volleyball?

Yes, he always asks me to play with him. He knows all the tricks: block, attack … When my wife was pregnant, she was constantly by my side, and she went to all the games – and when I was playing for the club, and with the national team. Apparently, my son drank all the positive emotions of the people and the game itself, all the love and support of fans. Now he’s not afraid of screams and applause during the games. After the match, we go together on the court, Marlon touches the net, with interest to play. I do not mind that he felt the atmosphere. When I was little, I have not had the opportunity to evaluate all that. Things were different.

Brazilians are very fond of music and dancing. You enjoy it too?

Oh yes, I love it, I love music. True, my wife is more inclined to such entertainment. Unfortunately, we can not go to discos, because we have a child. It would be irresponsible on our part.

The best musician in history, in your opinion?

I love to dance, so for me, the best music – Latin American and Cuban motifs. I love salsa. If we talk about the American artists, I love Norah Jones. This music is great to relax, think about the future, to dream.

You like dancing salsa or tango?

Before I had a son, I even took a few lessons, because I really enjoy this sort of Latin American rhythms. Now I take all the free time to play with my son.

What is your favorite food?

Brazilian. Although, of course, I like Russian cuisine. I love dishes with meat – casseroles, ravioli, meatballs.

You know how to cook?

Sometimes, if I have time, I make some Italian dishes, Brazil, something like a kebab.

Do you like movies, maybe some specific actors or movies?

“The Last Samurai,” because I love Japanese history. In this film, there were beautifully transferred details of the time. During the war, the samurai used accumulated many years of knowledge and all the heritage of their ancestors. This was an important period in the history of the country, and this film is quite plausible.

Where do you like to go on a vacation, what countries do you prefer?

With the exception of Brazil – it’s my favorite country – I like being in Italy. I have many friends and relatives.

Do you have a dream?

If you talk about me personally, I want to play until I am at least 40 years old. This is my personal dream. Why do I say that? To play at a high level, which I’m playing now, you should try your best to work hard and to improve your body, etc. If I manage to do that, I will assume that I have fulfilled my mission.

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