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TUR W: THY snatch last playoff slot under PTT’s and Galatasaray’s noses

by WoV
source: tvf-web.dataproject.com

Prior to Round 24 of the 2021/22 Turkish Women’s Volleyball Championship, 3 out of a total of 4 playoff participants were known – today, the name of the last, 4th participant has been determined.

THY vs Mert (Photo: tvf.org.tr)

VakıfBank, Fenerbahçe Opet, and Eczacıbaşı Dynavit (the order of which is yet to be determined) had sealed their playoff places prior to Round 24 of the 2021/22 Misli.com Sultanlar Ligi. One slot remained vacant, and Türk Hava Yolları, PTT, and Galatasaray HDI Sigorta were the 3 teams that had a chance to grab it. Following the results of the round today, the former grabbed it. Led by Canadian Kiera Van Ryk (18 points) and Ceren Önal (80% reception; 15 digs, 67% perfect), THY swept Mert Grup Sigorta and attained a 10-point advantage in relation to PTT, who lost 1-3 to VakıfBank, and 9-point advantage compared to Galatasaray (have one match played less but can’t reach THY in wins nor set-ratio even if tied in points).

PTT needed to beat the titleholders and hope THY will lose today to keep playoff chances alive in the last 2 rounds of the regular season. But, VakıfBank, who didn’t yet secure No. 1, achieved the 14th successive win in the league: 3-1.

2021/22 Misli.com Sultanlar Ligi – regular season, Round 24:

March 21

Sarıyer Bld. – Galatasaray HDI Sigorta


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