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#IAMINBERLIN: Champions league Final Four analysis by Lloy Ball

by WoV
source: Photo: fivb.org

This weekend Berlin’s Max-Schmeling Hall is going to be in the center of attention. The volleyball temple will host four fantastic teams: BR Volleys, Zenit, Skra and Resovia!

Lloy Ball

Lloy Ball

Exclusively for WorldofVolley, a former player of Zenit Kazan and national team of USA Lloy Ball has made an analysis of the Champions league Final Four!

Who is the favorite for winning the Champions league title?

I will start out by saying that I am COMPLETELY biased on this question.  After playing five years in Kazan, I MUST say that are the favorite

The most powerful weapons of Zenit are…?

But in all seriousness, Kazan is the most complete team in the Final Four.  They have coaches and players that have played at the highest level of club and National volleyball.  Their outside attack with Leon and Anderson is fast and strong.  Big middles give them a good block and the ability to get points in the side out game.  If Max is healthy at opposite, he is one of the best as well.  Alekno will have them prepared

What BR Volleys should do to stop Russian giant?

BR will have to depend on the middle blockers. They have to try and keep the Russian block honest.  They MUST serve well and create point scoring opportunities.  They must receive Kazan’s powerful serve as well.  To be honest, they must hope the home crowd is LOUD and Kazan plays poorly

SkraResovia, who is going to win this game?

I think the second match will be a GREAT one.  Skra has experience in Walzy and Winiarski.  They have a good middle attack with Klos.  Their coach Falasca will have them ready to fight and they have much more experience that Resovia. But, Skra didn’t play very strong teams to get to the Final Four.  Resovia shocked Novosibirsk and had a difficult time to get to the finals.  I feel like they WANT to win a little more than Skra. But…I will take Skra.  NO WAY Coach Falasca lets his team lose in the semi-final” concludes Lloy Ball!

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0 comment

Bjoern Kaufmann March 26, 2015 - 12:59 pm

I think I could have done a better job analyzing than Lloy Ball did. First of, who gives a biased answer to a serious interview. Nobody wants to know who you want to win, but you who think will win. Skra did have to play strong teams (Perugia is one of them)…please be more informed before giving your answers.

@bjoern March 26, 2015 - 6:54 pm

take it easy dude. on paper the best is zenit who will play with skra in final and that will happen anyway and no matter where lloy played in his career. ball by giving such answer meant ‘very strong teams’. so when we compare nowosybirsk to perugia or lube nowosybirsk is very strong with who resovia played is european champion of 2013 if you dont remember. so what achievements has lube or perugia in last years? final zenit skra again will happen like in 2012 year.


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