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Introduction to fitness testing for volleyball

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Volleyball is a sport in which both skill and fitness play a very significant part.

Vertical jumping test for leg power

Vertical jumping test for leg power

There would be different fitness demands whether playing indoor or beach volleyball, though this discussion is about fitness testing for volleyball in general.

Listed below are some suggested tests, but there are many other tests that you could use.

Fitness tests for Volleyball

Though there are different fitness requirements for the different playing positions, all players on a volleyball team need to be able to play in all positions at some time, so all the following fitness tests would be relevant.

Fitness Component:

Strength and Power.

Example tests:

1) Vertical jumping test for leg power.

2) Maximal strength tests for specific exercises should be conducted.

3) Abdominal muscle function should also be tested, for example using an abdominal strength or endurance test.

Fitness Component: Speed and agility.

Example tests:

1) Acceleration tests over a short distance is appropriate.

2) The 505 agility test measures the ability to change direction 180 degrees. A smaller degree turn test would probably be more appropriate for volleyball as most movements incorporate only a small change of direction. The ability to turn to both the left and right direction may be different and should also be assessed.

3) You may also want to do a volleyball specific agility test, which can incorporate movements around the court to simulate actual movements that might be encountered during games.

Fitness Component:

Aerobic Fitness.

Example tests:

1) To test large groups of athletes at once, the maximum effort shuttle run (beep) test would be appropriate.

Fitness Component: Flexibility.

Example tests:

1) The sit and reach test can be done for lower back and hamstring flexibility. Other flexibility tests should also be performed that are relevant for the sport or playing position.

Fitness Component: Body Fat.

Example tests:

1) Skinfold measures should be performed to determine body fat levels.

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