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CEV CUP: Busto defeated Urbino 3:1

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YAMAMAY BUSTO ARSIZIO - ROBUR Tiboni URBINO 3:1 (20:25, 25:21, 25:21, 25:14) The guests, in the most difficult moment in which the opposite Djersilo had to leave the court due to injury, found their best energies in Faucette, who has led the visitors to the success in the first set.



YAMAMAY BUSTO ARSIZIO: Lloyd 5, Havlickova 24, Dall’ora 5, Leonardi (L), Marcon 10, Bauer 10, Meijners, Lots, Caracuta, Havelkova 15, Pisani 1, Bisconti
Coach: Parisi

ROBUR TIBONI URBINO: Djerisilo 2, Novoselnik, Garzaro 12, Blagojevic 10, Skorupa 7, Devetag, Sirressi (L), Crisanti 7, Tirozzi 6, Faucette 19
Did not enter: Van Hecke, Gentili
Coach: Salvagni

REFEREES: Hodon – Stoyanov
Set duration: 28 ‘, 26’, 26 ‘, 23’ min

In the semifinal round of the CEV Cup Yamamay Busto Arsizio defeated Chateau d’Ax Urbino 3:1.

In the following sets Yamamay was better at crucial moments, scoring 10 aces (Havlickova 5, Havelkova 4, Marcon 1). Havlickova was the top scorer with 24 points. 

The return match will be played on Saturday.

The game

In the first set, Urbino took the lead of 5:2, thanks to Havlickova and Havelkova. Tirozzi attacked and got to 8:4. Lloyd made a nice exchange with the block (11:6) and Dall’Ora scored 13:9.

Djersilio had to leave the court because of injuryand was substituted by Faucette who scored 15:14. After getting 16 points, Dall’Ora evened the result 16:16, but Skorupa with two consecutive aces got to 16:19.

Parisi put Caracuta and Meijners in the position of Lloyd and Havlickova. Havelkova scored 19:22, but thanks to Faucette, Urbino won 1. set with 20:25.

In 2. set Havelkova, Lloyd and Dall’Ora took the lead to the 1. technical timeout 8:6. Then Urbino had to get better in 2. part of the set.

Blagojevic scored an ace and got to 18:15 and then Faucette scored one point more 18:16. However, Crisanti made an error, leading Yamamay to 20:16.

Two consecutive blocks of Dall’Ora and Havlickova (22:16) finally launched Yamamay to 25:21.

The third set started in favor of Urbino, thanks to Blagojevic and Skorupa (5:8). However, Havlickova and Marcon got to 11:12, but the team of Salvagni evened the result (12:12). Bauer took the lead 13:12 and the attack of Marcon and the block of Lloyd led to 16:14.

Dall’Ora and Havlickova took the advantage of 20 points. After two important points of Havlickova, Yamamay won 3. set with 25:21.

In 4. set Urbino took the lead 3:4 but Havelkova evened the result 4:4. Crisanti stretched the result 4:9, but Havlickova and Bauer lowered the difference 6:9.

After 8 point for Yamamay, Salvagni called timeout. Then Faucette evened the result 10:10. Bauer and Havlickova got to 12:10 and then 14 :10. Havlickova scored 15 points with another ace.

After seuring a big difference in result, Yammay won the last set with 25:14.

THE RETURN MATCH – Saturday, March 17 (20.30) PalaMondolce, which is the access to the Finals.

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