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CEV CL M: Ivan Miljkovic – I will estimate Atanasijevic in 10 years

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Ivan Miljkovic spoke of the Fenerbahce's game with Dinamo moscow, coach Bangoli, the national team of Serbia and his former teammate Aleksandar Atanasijevic.


Ivan Miljkovic

What are the chances of “Fenerbahce” to continue the struggle in the league after this match?

We unfortunately, don’t have chances to stay in the Champions League.

What happened today?

We tried but we couldn’t find our game. It was clear that we played a good game, except for the fourth set. We didn’t give many second chance points. Overall, the results shows that we were close to winning, and I am satisfied with the game.

Did you know that Bagnoli coached Dinamo?

Yes, of course, I know. As far as I know, under Bagnoli Dinamo reached certain heights.

Did you know of the staffing problems of Dinamo, Kurek and Veres were injured?

We played three weeks ago, when both of them were not on the court. And today we knew that Bartosz will come to help his team. And Peter showed more than a decent game today and created a lot of problems to our defense.

Your team didn’t play well in the end of the sets. Why?

I would not say that we didn’t play well. Just today, for some reason, we made a lot of unnecessary mistakes that can not be allowed at the end of the sets. It’s a shame, of course, when you go toe to toe with your opponent the whole set, and then make mistakes, and it was all for nothing.

Why did Fenerbahce have a weak start this season? Maybe the team and the coach are not used to each other?

We have a lot of injured players in the team, there are some organizational problems. In general, because of these issues we can still play at the level that we are required.

The last medal you won with the national team at the European Championship was the gold. Is it special because of the fact that it was the last?

No, to be honest, I did not have any special medals. I’m just happy that I had the honor to become the captain of a very young team and even win the gold.

When you watch matches on TV, do you have the desire to return to the national team?

No, I do not even think about. There are many wonderful things besides playing for the national team.

Like what?

For example, club volleyball (smiles).

Serbia played this summer in the Olympics. What is your impression?

The end result shows it all. This is normal, I did not see anything terrible or, on the contrary, remarkable.

It seems that Aleksandar Atanasijevic will be the new Miljkovic. All over the world they call him that.

We will see in ten years. I’ll be happy for him if he wins in his career as much as I won. Let them call him that, but it is too early to judge.

What do you think, how much more will you delight us with your game? In Russia, you have lots of fans.

I can not imagine, maybe a year, maybe two, three … I’m still in love with volleyball and want to play, the main thing that allows me to play is my health.

Did you know that in Russia, you have a lot of fans?

Yes, just five minutes ago, I was approached to be photographed, to give autographs … they even spoke to me in Serbian. It is always good when you are recognized not only in your country but also internationally.

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