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Helping Your Daughter Cope With Being Lesbian In Sports – Tips for parents

by WoV
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As a parent of a lesbian tween or teen, one of the things you will have naturally have to worry about is how your tween or teen daughter is going to do socially, not just at school and in general, but in extracurricular activities in particular, such as team sports.



Being different, unfortunately. exposes a young person to being singled out in a negative way, such as being bullied. Fortunately, however, there are some things you can do as a parent  to minimize the chances that your tween or teen will become ostracized:

Educate yourself

Educate yourself on what it means to your tween or teen to say they identify as lesbian. For some, this means something very different than what it might mean to you. There is a normal period in the tween years where girls do get crushes on other girls and this is a normal part of sexual development. Be clear on the facts on being a lesbian teen so you aren’t arguing with your teen based on just your belief system. Remember, this is what the world does and it can make your tween not only doubt themselves, but it can make them feel like they have no support at home. This is when they are most susceptible to generating the negative voices that destroy self-esteem, which can ruin their academic, social and athletic performance.

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