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Check out list of famous women players without club

by WoV
source: Photo: volleyball.vn

A great number of world famous players still have not found a club for the next season.

Simona Gioli

Galatasaray was Simona Gioli’s last club

Only when we thoroughly analyze the volleyball market, we came up to the striking conclusion that there are, among the currently unemployed players, some of the great names, even those who won medals at major competitions.

It seems that the next players are the most famous from the list that that we are presenting: German Margareta Kozuch, Simona Gioli from Italy, Bulgarian Elitsa Vasileva and Heather Bown from USA.


Also, Serbian Jovana Vesović and Polish Milena Radecka-Sadurek would find a club long time ago, in a normal financial climate.

Some of the players who haven’t signed for any club yet:

1.   Milena Radecka-Sadurek (POL)

2.   Simona Gioli (ITA)

3.   Jovana Vesović (SRB)

4.   Margareta Kozuch (GER)

5.   Kristyna Pastulova (CZE)

6.   Elitsa Vasileva (BUL)

7.   Chiara Di Iulio (ITA)

8.   Caroline Wensink (NED)

9.   Michaela Monzoni (CZE)

10. Laura Dijkema (NED)

11. Heather Bown (USA)

12. Gabriela Koeva (BUL)

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