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13. 12. 2017 Comments 0

WoV BLOG: Nike HyperAce volleyball shoes - most wanted among girls

Over the past six months, the Nike Air Zoom Women’s HyperAce volleyball shoes are the most wanted among ...

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06. 12. 2017 Comments 2

WoV BLOG: How many national team players does Italian men's Serie A1 have?

WorldofVolley is presenting all players from the Italian volleyball men's Serie A1 that play for their ...

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01. 12. 2017 Comments 0

“Technical time out” by Ömer Faruk Acun: The biggest club competition

I will start my blog with an assessment of the FIVB Men's Club World Championship which will take place ...

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29. 11. 2017 Comments 0

WoV BLOG: Top 10 most viewed volleyball videos on YouTube

A year ago, one channel on YouTube has created a volleyball video that now has more than 29 million views ...

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22. 11. 2017 Comments 2

WoV BLOG: TOP 15 volleyball accounts on Instagram

In the new Blog, WorldofVolley have explored which volleyball accounts on Instagram are the most popular ...

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14. 11. 2017 Comments 2

WoV BLOG: Is it time for Polish Men’s NT to get its first domestic coach after 12 years?

In the past 12 years, the Polish Volleyball Federation (PZPS) changed 5 Men's National Team head coaches ...

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08. 11. 2017 Comments 0

WoV BLOG: Top 5 best FIRST-EVER Men's liberos in the world

At a press conference in Tokyo on April 20, 1998, the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) introduced ...

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01. 11. 2017 Comments 1

WoV BLOG: Top 5 most viewed volleyball matches on YouTube

Have you ever thought about which volleyball matches are the most viewed on YouTube

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20. 09. 2017 Comments 4

WoV BLOG: Is there a space for the new FIVB volleyball rules?

The men’s and the women’s U23 World Championship in Egypt and Slovenia were unique in several aspects ...

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06. 08. 2017 Comments 4

These are 9 highest paid pro male volleyball players in the world

The U.S. website has created a list of top 10 highest paid male pro volleyball players ...

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