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06. 08. 2017 Comments 4

These are 10 highest paid pro male volleyball players in the world

The U.S. website has created a list of top 10 highest paid male pro volleyball players ...

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14. 07. 2017 Comments 1

These are volleyball rules that WorldofVolley readers would change…

Nearly one month ago, we gave you, our readers, a chance to express your thoughts on how to simplify ...

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22. 06. 2017 Comments 14

Fans, which volleyball rules you would change if you were in charge?

Volleyball went through many changes in its history, but the most important ones, in regard to the essential ...

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01. 05. 2017 Comments 1

Superiority that has never been seen before in Champions League - No one like Zenit

Russian giants Zenit Kazan have just set standards in the European Men’s volleyball so high that there ...

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25. 02. 2017 Comments 0

WoV BLOG: Nike hyperspike volleyball shoes – the most popular among girls

Nike volleyball shoes are very popular among players, especially among girls. It was a sign for this ...

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18. 02. 2017 Comments 3

WoV BLOG: What U.S. players say about creating professional volleyball league in USA?

The idea about launching professional volleyball league in the United States lives again! It has confirmed ...

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08. 02. 2017 Comments 0

BLOG: How has prize money changed with the FIVB World League?

The FIVB World League is the annual competition for men’s volleyball national teams that has been held ...

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03. 02. 2017 Comments 1

WoV BLOG: Top 10 most popular volleyball couples

We all know that volleyball is in some way a “family sport”. Many players have succeeded their parents' ...

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31. 01. 2017 Comments 0

BLOG: How has prize money changed with the FIVB World Grand Prix?

The FIVB World Grand Prix is the annual competition for women’s volleyball national teams that has been ...

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26. 01. 2017 Comments 2

WoV BLOG: Costs and earnings analysis of competing in the Champions League

Participation in the most prestigious club volleyball competition in the world, CEV Champions League ...

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