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Schops – We lack confidence

by WoV
source: siatka.org

Leader of the German national team, Jochen Schops, is worried by lack of confidence that Germans have. With a couple of recent losses thing aren’t going better and time to recover belief is winding down.


Jochen Schops

Look like you are not able to find the right rhythm in game. Why is that?

”If we knew we would change it (laughs). It’s really difficult to say but our heavy workouts still do not reflect in-game. We were not able to fully compete with Poles at the moment.”

There was a lot of confusion in your game?

”Indeed it was. Main concern is that we all know we can play way better but we think about it way to much. If we could just let our game take care of itself rather then to think about what went wrong it would end up much better for us. We lost a huge deal of confidence like this and that is the hardest thing to bring back.Because you can not train it, can’t stay in gym and work it off, it’s in your head.”

Netherlands defeated Russian and Italy is very strong as it is, but if you play well against them, confidence can be back in a heartbeat?

”Exactly my point. If we measure up against top teams and play well it will work out well I’m sure. But that is a big risk, because if we fail then we are digging even a deeper hole and that is going to be terrible for us.”

What are your expectations for the end of tournament?

”To be better then last time for sure. Two years ago we didn’t show up well and we can not afford to repeat that kind of result. We expect to go through the group phase and then, everything is possible.”

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