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EXCLUSIVE FOR WoV – Kelly Murphy about debut, Japanese fans, league…

by WoV
source: Photo: achs.jp

The U.S. opposite Kelly Murphy made her official debut in Japanese V league. She was the best scorer of the match with 17 points.

Kelly Murphy

Kelly Murphy

Her team, Ageo Medics won the away game in three sets. After the first appearance in Japan, she answered on our questions! In an exclusive interview for WoV, Murphy speaks about debut, Japanese fans etc…

Are you satisfied with your debut in Japanese V League and how would you rate it?

“I am happy with the victory and the way the team played. This was the first time competing in the first division for this team and I think we handled it very well. We were able to execute the things we were practicing and I think this is a great start to the season. I would rate this as a 7/10 because of the fight we showed under pressure in the 3rd set and I think we are in a good starting place.”

What do you think about Japanese fans?

The Japanese fans have been great. They are all very supportive and friendly. Even before coming here this season I have experienced the great fans competing with Team USA last season. They always come out and show great support and I am excited to compete here this season.”



A few words about your teammates.

“I love my teammates so far… We have a lot of fun and get along really well. Everyone works so hard and they have made it very easy for me to join the team and feel accepted.

Maybe it’s too early to ask, but could you compare volleyball in Japan with volleyball in USA and Europe?

“One thing I have noticed about Japanese volleyball so far is the incredible defense they play. They are able to dig so many balls and the rallies are so long that you have to be very patient and focused to score a point. They work so hard during the play and it makes for very exciting matches.”

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