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POL: Pawel Papke – Polish volleyball continues to grow

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source: pzps.pl

Pawel Papke, former volleyball player speaks of Polish volleyball. He is a Board member of PZPS. He shared his views of the Plus League. WorldofVolley brings you the latest volleyball news.


Pawel Papke

How strong is the representation of sport in the Parliament? When did you decide to enter in to politics?

There are a lot of people in the parliament who were involved in sport. Some of them even played volleyball at a high level. I first started in the local elections, and there I was a councilor. After a year I decided to be a candidate for the parliament. It worked. I want to promote sport and the proper development of children and youth.

What is more difficult, politics or volleyball?

It’s hard to say because each of these two has its own characteristics. Certainly volleyball was physically harder. Mentally they can be compared. In sport, you have the ambitions for the team, for the win. In politics, there are also serious situations. You have to make difficult decisions.

What are the goals you set for your current term?

Of course I want to deal with sports, especially youth sports. That is why I support the authorities of the Polish Volleyball Federation. PZPS and the Ministry of Sport and Tourism introduced a large youth training program.

Your career ended two years ago. Do you miss playing?

From time to time, I play a bit, but not professionally. I’m trying to stay active. I like to play basketball, cycling, I’m tired of the gym. However, volleyball is my passion, love. I’m trying to play on the sand, and in the hall with varying success (laughs). Volleyball will never be erased from my life.

What do you think of the Plus league this season?

The league has four very strong clubs and it will be a hard-fought battle, exciting games. On Tuesday, we had an example of this in Rzeszow, where Asseco Resovia defeated PGE Skra Belchatow 3-2. However, there are some clubs that are struggling with smaller or larger financial problems. That’s what worries me. However, Polish volleyball goes forward. In 2013, we will co-host the European Championships and in two years the World Cup.

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