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Andrea Anastasi for WoV – ”Juantorena is the best”

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One of the best coaches in the World, Italian Andrea Anastasi spared a glimpse of his time to answer a couple of questions for World of Volley. With his Polish national team he spent a week in Serbia preparing for the upcoming EuroVolley and played a set of three friendly matches with Serbian national squad. Both Anastasi and Kolakovic combined a lot through course of three matches but Serbian team eventually won all of them.


Andrea Anastasi

Are you satisfied with the amount of progress your team has made until this moment in preparation?

I can not really say that I’m thrilled or in any way satisfied but also I’m certainly not disappointed. Guys have their ups and downs. At one moment in game we play almost perfect, but then very next sequence of points are disaster. That is pretty much the biggest problem of them all. We struggle to find a proper flow in game but that is not easy task and it shouldn’t be. I also have to mention that playing without Winiarski is a huge blow for us because he is such an important part of our playstyle. Of course that is not an excuse because there is also an upside because I can try new players and new combinations. All in all we have more then enough time to prepare for EuroVolley and we will try our best to do so.”

How do you look at other teams, who is your favorite to win it all?

I think it’s safe to say that Russia is the strongest team in Europe right now. Although I learn that they lost two matches against Iran and I haven’t really followed their preparation but no matter what Im sure that they will be ready. There is Serbia and Italy. Both teams are very lucky to have an easy group and will in my mind go far in this tournament. As far as my team goes, we have very hard matchups in group stage and if we manage to do well in groups, then our way is open too.”

If you could choose one player in the World for your team, who will it be?

”No dilemma here, Osmany Juantorena.

Do you think that Italian coaches are the best in the World?

”I certainly do not. There are plenty of great coaches in other countries, for example Igor Kolakovic, who is also a great friend of mine (smiles) and many more.

Are you familiar with WorldofVolley and do you like it?

”Well yes, I visit the website often mainly because I read a lot. I like it, it’s quite stuffed with information and that is what’s important.

Thank you for the interview and good luck at EuroVolley!

”Thank you for kind words and also good luck to WoV”

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