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Lloy Ball: Brazil is not the team it was

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source: www.volleycountry.com author: Jiri Popelka

USA has only six or seven strong players for this tournament. I really believe that is why we never finished better than fourth. For one player to play that many matches over a 15 day period is tough," wrote Lloy Ball in blog post about World Cup.


Lloy Ball

Lloyd Ball and his way how to prepare for a big tournaments:

To prepare for the World Cup, I like quality over quantity. Leading up to it, you need to focus on short quality type training, focusing in on small parts of the game that will help you when your legs are tired as well as physical work. Sometimes coaches get so excited about drills and playing in practice that they neglect the weight training and cardio that needs to be done to get the body right. If you don’t have an engine, you’re not going anywhere“.

At the moment I am sure the team and staff is disappointed with their performance. It has been difficult to watch at times. The team lacks certainty right now. I believe they have yet to find their identity,” continues Lloy.

Good teams will put you in difficult situations over and over again. We had a tough time battling through those moments against the likes of Brazil and Russia. I thought our passing was subpar (for us) in those matches. Also, our defense and counter attack has been ineffective all tourney. But most of all, I thought we lacked the confidence of knowing that we would make plays when we needed to.”

And who will go to London..

I believe Russia and Poland will finish in the top two, and Brazil and Italy will battle for the last spot, But I don’t think they will be the top three at the Olympics. I don’t think Brazil is near the team it once was (sorry Giba!). I also am not sure Italy has a deep enough roster to get on the medal stand. Russia should be in the top three, the rest is open

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