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BUL M: President of Bulgarian Volleyball Federation vs. Matey Kaziyski

by WoV
source: sportal.bg; Photo: sportal.bg

Dancho Lazarov, president of the Bulgarian Volleyball Federation, compared Matey Kaziyski to people who are protesting against a political system in country.



The reason is that Kaziyski still requests resignation of Lazarov and the rest of the Board, to return the national team:

It would be ridiculous that the entire Board steps away, just to see one player in the team. Especially when the results are good, as they are now. It reminds me on some protestant demands” said Lazarov.

President of the BVF, also commented about the situation of Andrey Zhekov, who returned to the national team after year of pause, but didn’t play on qualification tournament:

I understand them both (Zhekov and coach Placi). We qualified so coach didn’t make any mistake. But, the problem is how to motivate Zhekov to still be with us. Nevertheless, I belive that Andrey is the reasonable man, and that he won’t leave us again.”

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