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CHN W: Best scorer in losers stage

by WoV

Not an ordinary situation in Chinese Championship.




Zhu Ting is the far best scorer in domestic league with 258 points, but her team Henan ended up in losers stage, because it was among four worst teams in the main round.  The second best scorer so far is Li Jang (Zhejiang) with 239 points, then there are Chen Li-yi (Tianjin) 229, Zhai Ting-li (Jiangsu) 228…

A second round of winners/losers stage has been played today and here are the results:

Winners stage:

Zhejiang – Beijing 3-0 (25-15,25-19,25-12)

Army – Shanghai 3-0 (25-21,25-14,25-20)

Tianjin – Evergrande 3-2 (20-25,25-16,28-30,25-13,15-9)

Liaoning – Shandong 3-0 (26-24,27-25,25-21)

Losers stage:

Fujian – Henan 3-1 (22-25,26-24,25-14,25-12)

Sichuan – Jiangsu 3-0 (25-22,25-22,25-17) 

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