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New volleyball tracking system trialled in Montreux

by WoV

The tool provides statistics on movement, the speed of the players and the ball, in addition to the strike angle, with all the information available to view online.



This sort of technology will help us grow the sport of volleyball, make it more accessible for the public and provide greater detailed information for TV and more importantly coaches of our sport,” President Graça said. “Anything which can help present our sport in a more dynamic way has to be encouraged and we are looking forward to seeing this sort of technology in full use at our World Championships later this year.”

While other sports monitoring systems exist in international soccer competitions and basketball for example, this one offers several advantages. The Playfulvision system is fully automated, which makes it cheaper and easier to install. In its professional version six cameras placed around the field or court are connected to a computer.

This innovation is based on three algorithms developed at the Computer Vision Laboratory. While players can always be located on the screen via an overlay with the colour of their jersey and number, the challenge was to achieve this recognition continuously, even when players are in groups and hidden behind others.


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